BL love by Cathy Doll/Love by Chance 2 short film

Has anyone seen love by Cathy Doll, is a short film that is the continuation of love by change…
If not does anyone know when it will be released or to you have a link from somewhere were it is translated to english

If you have any info pls reply or message :grinning:

i have been looking into it as well and turns out that the supposed release date of love by cathy doll was 5th may. It could be that it’s already been released but have not come online yet, because i honestly could not find it anywhere online. check this page for release dates https://thesmidgesrevolt.wordpress.com/upcoming-bl-bl-themed-drama/

And just a heads up that love by cathy doll may not be a direct continuation of love by chance. Read this article for more info https://aminoapps.com/c/bldrama/page/blog/love-by-chance-info-season-2/o67k_6dcdun05arjrz5ZNzW4veM6m42ke

hope this helps.

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thank u for your information, i wasn’t sure what happend to love by cathy doll.
Hopefully it gets uploaded soon if it’s already released.
I really am anticipating it,because of the story lines of some the couples that weren’t really ventured and of course the main couples.
I do know that saint will not be part of it, this i found really sad especially when i heard the reason why.

well i hope the release comes soon but i heard that it took quite some time for love by chance to come online and then later on get subbed.

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Yeah I also heard that, that’s why they removed yt video of the ep. Online.
They wanted people to exclusively watch it on the Line site…but people still of course didn’t do that and that lead to the series not make as much money as they put in it…even though it was very popular.

Yep, that could be the reason for the producers of the series going bankrupt instead of love by chance doing so good

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yeah, but i hope that they at least put love by cathy doll on a dvd and sell it internationally with subs so that they can make more money of it…and everyone can also view it